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Theodore Lewis
Theodore Lewis

Bornholm !!LINK!!

The shop is the same, the people are the same, and the amazing flavour and quality is the same. The ice cream is made from bornholmer cream and gets it's flavour from berries and fruit from the island. You can get then classic flavours, but Bornholms Ismejeri is especially known for experimenting with consistencies, ingredients, and flavour experiences. Which is why it's always exciting to see what they've got available.


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KALASSandvig IS Kalas is one of the latest additions to the great ice cream spots on Bornholm. Behind the ice cream café there is a family of five, who make the ice cream themselves. Their ice cream is made from organic bornholmer whole milk aswell as local berries and fruits. You can dig your teeth into the classic tastes, or try something completely different, perhaps ice cream with cucumber, carrot, or maybe grilled peppers? 041b061a72




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