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Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez

Capture and Paint the Map in 2, the Best .io Game Online

Paper io: The Ultimate Conquest Game

Have you ever dreamed of conquering the world with your own color? If so, then paper io is the game for you! Paper io is an online multiplayer game where you have to capture as much territory as possible and beat the competition with a smooth drawing experience. It's one of the most popular games in the .io genre, with millions of players around the world. But what makes paper io so fun and addictive? Let's find out!

How to Play Paper io

Paper io is very easy to play, but hard to master. The game has a simple premise: you control a colored block that leaves a trail behind it. Your goal is to create complete loops with your trail and fill them with your color. The more area you cover, the higher your score. But be careful, because other players can crash into your trail and eliminate you. You have to be strategic and avoid enemies while expanding your territory. Here are some basic rules and tips on how to play paper io:

paper io

Controls and Movement

You can play paper io on any device, whether it's a desktop, mobile, or tablet. The controls are different depending on the platform you use. If you play on a desktop browser, you can use WASD or the arrow keys to move your block. If you play on a mobile or tablet device, you can drag your finger on the screen to control your block. You can also change the direction of your block by tapping on the screen.

Capturing Territory and Avoiding Enemies

To capture territory, you have to create complete loops with your trail and connect them back to your color. The area inside the loop will be filled with your color and added to your score. You can also steal territory from other players by creating loops over their color. But be careful, because when you're outside of your color, your trail is vulnerable to attack. If another player hits your trail, you will die and lose all your territory. You can also kill other players by hitting their trails when they're outside of their color.

Tips and Tricks for Winning

Paper io is a game of strategy and skill. You have to balance between capturing territory and avoiding enemies. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you win:

  • Don't be too greedy. The longer your trail is, the more exposed you are to danger. Try to create small loops and stay close to your color until it's safe to expand.

  • Attack other players when they're vulnerable. If you see an enemy with a long trail, try to cut them off and claim their territory.

  • Use the edges of the map to your advantage. The edges of the map are safe zones where you can't be attacked by other players. You can use them to create large loops and capture more area.

  • Be unpredictable and creative. Don't follow a predictable pattern when drawing your loops. Try to change directions and shapes often to confuse your enemies.

Features of Paper io

Paper io is not just a simple game of drawing loops. It has many features that make it more fun and exciting. Here are some of them:

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Paper io is an online multiplayer game where you can compete with other players from around the world. You can join a random match or create your own room and invite your friends. You can also see the leaderboard and your rank among other players. The game is fast-paced and challenging, as you have to deal with multiple enemies at once.

Custom Skins to Define Your Own Image

Paper io lets you customize your block with different skins. You can choose from various colors, patterns, flags, animals, and more. You can also unlock new skins by completing achievements and challenges. You can show off your style and personality with your unique skin.

Addictively Fun Gameplay

Paper io is a game that you can play for hours without getting bored. The gameplay is simple but addictive, as you always want to capture more territory and beat other players. The game also has a smooth and responsive drawing experience, with no lag or glitches. The game is suitable for all ages and skill levels, as you can play casually or competitively.

More Games Like Paper io

If you love paper io, you might also enjoy these other games that are similar to it:

Paper io 2

Paper io 2 is the sequel to paper io, with improved graphics and gameplay. The game has the same concept of capturing territory, but with a twist: you can move in any direction and create curved loops. You can also capture the whole map by surrounding it with your color. The game is more dynamic and fun than the original paper io.


Worms.Zone is a game where you control a worm that grows bigger by eating food and other worms. You have to avoid crashing into other worms or the walls of the map. You can also use power-ups to boost your speed, size, or health. The game is similar to paper io in terms of capturing territory and killing enemies, but with a different perspective and style. is a game where you control a mini giant that fights other giants in an arena. You have to collect gold and gems to upgrade your weapons and armor. You can also use special abilities to attack or defend yourself. The game is similar to paper io in terms of competing with other players online, but with more action and variety.


Paper io is a game that will keep you entertained and challenged for hours. It's a game where you have to capture territory and avoid enemies with a simple drawing mechanic. It's a game where you can customize your block and compete with other players online. It's a game where you can have fun and relax at the same time. If you're looking for a game that combines strategy, skill, and creativity, then paper io is the game for you!


How to play paper io online?

To play paper io online, you just need to visit the official website of the game or any of the platforms that host it, such as Poki or CrazyGames. You don't need to download or install anything to play paper io online.

How to kill other players in paper io?

To kill other players in paper io, you have to hit their trails when they're outside of their color. You can also prevent them from completing their loops by cutting them off or surrounding them with your color.

How to reach 100% in paper io?

To reach 100% in paper io, you have to capture the whole map with your color. This is very hard to do, as you have to avoid other players and create large loops without dying. You can use the edges of the map as safe zones to create big loops and capture more area.

How to get custom skins in paper io?

To get custom skins in paper io, you have to complete achievements and challenges that are shown on the main menu of the game. You can also buy some skins with real money if you want.

How to play paper io offline?

To play paper io offline, you have to download the app version of the game on your mobile or tablet device. You can find it on Google Play Store or App Store for free. You can play paper io offline against bots or local multiplayer mode.




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