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Theodore Lewis

Black Clover Special __TOP__

The TV anime series adaptation of Black Clover has ended in Japan with its episode 170 on March 30, after several years, and with no episode 171 in sight - what happened, did it get canceled, why was there a special announcement for a movie, and when's the release date? Last but not least, what's the drama behind the war against Black Clover, MHA, and other popular Shonen anime? We're here to explain everything.

Black Clover Special

Well, Black Clover pretty much has been the laughing stock of some anime fans for several years now. Several Shonen anime fans, such as a portion of the MHA fanbase - be sure to keep in mind it's only part of the fanbase - often ridiculed the Black Clover anime for its low animation quality. The Black Clover anime ending, and the movie special announcement, triggered such remarks again on social media.

As promised, the magical knights of Black Clover are back! Earlier this year, fans learned the hit manga was going on a break, and creator Yuki Tabata promised to resume work as soon as possible. Now, Shueisha has brought Black Clover back with an all-new chapter, and Tabata has released a special letter to fans to commemorate the milestone!

October 3, 2017 marked the legendary beginning of a 170-episode journey filled with epic battles, forged friendships and lots of yelling. And to celebrate five whole years since then, the official Black Clover Twitter account released a special illustration by director Ayataka Tanemura (eps. 153-170) and announced that from October 9, select scenes nominated by the staff and cast will be aired every Sunday on TV Tokyo, starting with the first episode picked by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Yuno).

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Clover chapter 343Asta just realized his own special variation of a powerful and exclusive technique right when Black Clover pits him against his former love interest Sister Lily. While Asta's feelings for Lily have never been reciprocated, the idea that he'd have to fight her will undoubtedly be traumatic, both for the characters and the readers. 041b061a72




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